Cellulite Reduction & Body Sculpting

Cellulite, the dreaded, dimpled “orangepeel” effect seen in varying degrees on the thighs of celebrities, career women and housewives alike, affects an estimated 90% of the female population the world over. The condition can often be worsened with a weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition choices as well as hormonally-related weight gain from taking the pill or pregnancy.

treatments on offer

Velashape III body contouring

An FDA-cleared treatment for cellulite and spot reduction, the VelaShape 3 has been dubbed a“Weapon of Mass Reduction” by media after taking the Western aesthetics world by storm. VelaShape™ is a non-surgical, no-downtime, and virtually painless treatment for body reshaping and cellulite reduction, an excellent choice for restoring your svelte figure after baby.

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body by thermage

Thermage, the market leader in non-invasive skin tightening and body shaping procedures, offers the specialized ThermaTip DC for the deep contouring of areas like the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocksworks to smoothen and tighten loose skin, lumps and bumps. It also promotes increased collagen tightening for dramatic shaping of the abdomen, “lovehandle”, thigh, buttock and arm areas.

Thermage has also joined the battle against cellulite with the launch of the ThermaTip™CL treatment tip. The advanced deep heating ThermaTip CL rebuilds collagen connective tissues and improves blood flow to the affected areas, helping to improve and noticeably smoothen the appearance of the skin’s surface. A “giant tip” has also added to its arsenal of treatments to help patients battle the bulge. The 16.0cm2 treatment tip covers over five times the normal area covered by existing body contouring tips offered by the company with each shot, promising faster, more efficient and comfortable treatments.

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