Velashape III™ For Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

VelaShape III™ is an FDA cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as 4 treatments. The treatment provides patients with the fastest clinically-proven, non-surgical solution for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite and circumference. It is based on a non-invasive medical device based on elōs™ technology – a combination of heat, light, suction and massage – and is specifically designed to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of cellulite and target localized fat deposits.

Pre procedure Information

How Long Does It Last?

Each area will be treated for 30 minutes until specific treatment parameters and treatment end-points are achieved. After a series of sessions, results from the VelaShape often last several months but vary depending upon the clients’ exercise and dietary habits.  Even though a series of treatments may have reduced the fat in the unwanted areas, the body does not lose the potential to create or store new fat, increase the number of fat cells, and form cellulite again.

Am I suitable

During the consultation, the doctor will assess you for suitability for the treatment and make his recommendations.

How long will I need to take off work

There is no need to take time off work as there is no downtime involved.

Will I need Someone to Arrange accompanied Transport home


About The Procedure

After control photographs are taken and your measurements be recorded, a trained therapist will smooth a lotion to aid the movement of the treatment head over your skin. Vacuum suction and massage from the mechanical rollers draw circulation into the local area for increased oxygen availability, as well as manipulation of the tissue for drainage of trapped fluids through the lymphatic system. Heat from the infrared light source and the bi-polar RF is deployed into the hypodermis to facilitate the use of energy from adipocytes in this layer, causing shrinkage of the actual fat cell and reducing the total volume within the fat chamber. You will be measured and photographed again immediately post-treatment as there is often visible and measurable contouring of the lumps and bumps as evidenced by post-treatment photos, girth measurements, and the fit of your clothes.

About the Machine

VelaShape is an FDA cleared device for circumferential reduction of the thighs and the first class II cleared device for the treatment of cellulite. The VelaShape combines vacuum suction, mechanical rollers, and heating through infrared light and bipolar RF energy. Reduction in cellulite and contouring of lipodystrophies (unwanted lumps, bumps and bulges) and circumference are the treatment goals for VelaShape.

Post Procedure & Recovery

There is no recovery period or special care that needs to be taken after the procedure. However, the effects of body contouring and reduction of girth for some patients may be enhanced by compliance to healthy lifestyle.

Will There be Any Pain/Discomfort?

Most patients find VelaShape comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage. The treated area may appear flushed or pink from the heat for a short while, and may feel warm for several hours after treatment.

What Activities am I allowed To do

Normal activities may be resumed the same day.

What should I avoid

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin colors and can be performed even on tanned skin. There are no long-term health hazards from light or RF energies.  Excessive tanning from the sun, sun-beds, or tanning creams should be avoided two weeks prior to treatment.

Additional FAQ

FAQ1 What results can one expect from VelaShape treatment?

Answer 1 Gradual improvement of cellulite in treated areas, firmer and tighter skin surface is also reported. Most patients notice re-contouring of areas such as saddlebags, love handles which are measurable by a reduction in circumference or girth. Added benefits of treatment include improved circulation and relief from muscles aches in the treated areas.  In clinical studies, patients report an average reduction of 1 inch post treatment.  In clinical trials, the average range of circumferential reduction was 0.5 – 3 inches.

FAQ2 How often are treatments performed?

Answer 2 The initial treatment series consists of 4-6 treatment sessions- treatments are performed once a week. Some patients see the improvements as soon as 2 sessions, while others may need the full 4-6 sessions. Maintenance treatments are typically done once a month after the initial series in order to keep up the results achieved. Each treatment session is about30 minutes long, but the time varies depending on a patient’s size and how many treatment sites are indicated.